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"MK-1 Hart"
Perfectly formed machines, good for five string conversions. This is the first cogs that "Gallery Strings" made and they are still a winner.
"MK-2 Wallmo"
Somewhat like the first machines only a little bigger giving a finer tuning.
"MK-3 Jenson"
This wonderfully designed machine has the look of a Gothic style. Great for any really super instrument..
"MK-4 Healey"
Beautifully designed machine that is simple to fit and works extremely well.

"MK-5 Sheppard"
Another fine machine, again easy to fit and looks and works well.

"MK-6 Martin"
A very traditional styled machine that looks and works fantastically. 

"MK-7 Knooren"
Again, a very English style of machine that suits all instruments.

"MK-8 Peterson"
A slightly larger machine. Easy to fit and works and looks good.

"MK-9 Baker"
The famous "Baker" machine. First designed and made in the 19th. century by the bass maker "William Baker". A must for the purest.

"MK-10 Tarr"
Another famous maker designed this cog. One "William Tarr". First used in the 19th. century.

"MK-11 Cole"
Again, another famous English design. Though not thought to have been made by "Cole", they appear on a lot of this instruments.

"MK-12 Knobel"
This machine has the cog of the traditional English machine with a much prettier thumb screw.

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