Gasparo da Salo

This double-bass that is shown in the picture on the left side is attributed to the very famous Brescian maker Gasparo da Salo. This is one of the finest examples of this fine makers work that Gallery Strings has ever had, possibly only bettered by one that was sold to Anthony Woodrow, who lived and works in Rotterdam. Gasparo da Salo was born in Brescia in c1542, and was originally named di Bertolotti but changed it to da Salo after the area of Brescia that he came from. This instrument was made in c1605, thus making it a very early and rare double-bass as apposed to a gamba or bass viol. The actual history of this particular instrument is completely un-known, having been bought by the company in Verona some years ago. It is violin cornered with a flat back. The shape as can be seen is extremely sensual and pleasing to the eye. The varnish is a golden reddish brown and would seem to be original. The scroll has that extra turn which is very characteristic of this great maker. The sound is what you would expect and want, just fantastic.

Lars Danielsson

This extremely talented double-bass player lives in Gottenburg, Sweden. He is one of the new breed of really fine jazz and classical players, a player that can cross over to any style of playing at the raising of the baton or the crick of the drum sticks. Lars has been a friend of Gallery Strings for many years and has bought some really fine instruments from us other than the Gasparo da Salo. Some years ago he bought a really rare French bass made by Joseph Bassot of Paris c1760. He also bought a un-known early 18th. century instrument attributed to a Venision maker. Lars has made many CD's, including "Time Unit", "Far North" and "Tia Dia". Many of the numbers featured on these discs are composed by Lars. Sweden has got some real great bass playing talent.

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