Alfred Lamy

This double bass was made by the eminent French maker Alfred Lamy. It was made in c1909 for the World Exhibition in Paris. As you can see it is a swell backed viol shaped bass. One of the nice aspects of this instrument is that it was not typical in sound, not having that French nasal tone. In fact it has a very fine big wooden warm orchestral sound, which would suit any players including jazz  musicians. As can be seen it is fitted with a George Fawcett c-string extension. 
Alfred Lamy was in Mirecourt, France in 1853, he died in 1919. Lamy is a fine craftsman more famed for his cellos and violins than his basses, though he did make plenty and most very good instruments. 
This particular bass was owned before being bought by Gallery Strings, by that fine New Zealand bassist Adrian Bonnet. Adrian is second double bass in the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. It was sold by us onto a fine player first in Holland, which it later returned from, then onto another player in the U.S.A. It is rather strange how instrument travel around this small planet of ours. I have sold basses in almost every Country in the World, many staying where they are sold, but equally many coming back to be sold on again to somewhere else in the World.



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