William Tarr

William Tarr worked in Manchester, England. He was born in 1809 and died in 1892. He started his working life as a bass player, but after some years understanding the needs of players he started to make instruments. He is reputed to have made over 200 double-basses himself, though the company that he started probably made in excess of 500 instruments. His sons William and Thomas also worked in the workshop plus many other future prominent makers. James Cole worked for Tarr, as did Richard Allwood. It is thought that even William Calow made basses for Tarr. This instrument that Koos Serierse has bought from Gallery Strings was thought to have been one that was built by one of the sons. It is a viol shaped instrument with a flat but slightly shaped back. The varnish is a golden brown and quite obviously original. It is stamped W. Tarr on the top back button. It is a very easy playing instrument with a huge English sound. The sloping shoulders make it very easy to get around which is exactly what William Tarr would understand being a player. Good double-basses, which work well as Classical or Jazz instruments.

Koos Serierse

Koos Serierse lives in Loosedrect in Holland and is thought to be one of the great Jazz players in Europe. He works for many fine Jazz groups and orchestras all over Europe, and has worked for many of the great players of the World. Apart from playing, Koos is renowned as a fine teacher and many of his pupils have bought instruments from us over the last twenty years. Koos has one son named Marcel Serierse who is attributed as one of the great kit drummers in Holland and Europe. It is really nice to know that Koos and son work very well together and can be bought on CD's. One disc that they have worked on together is "We Love Music".....Koos Serierse bass, Marcel Serierse drums and Hans Vroomans Piano. This is a wonderful CD, with almost all the music being composed by Koos. Gallery Strings is proud to know and sold him instruments.

We Love Music, as shown on the left side of the page can be bought direct from Mr. Koos Serierse. The cost anywhere in the World will be just 37 Dutch Guilders. All you need do is e-mail on koos.serierse@ish.nl , and he will send you a copy of this CD. As stated before, this CD is a real must to the lovers of good jazz with extremely fine playing by great musicians. The tracks are as follows.
1.....Everybody's song but my own (Kenny Wheeler)
2.....Triton (Koos Serierse)
3.....The art of Blakey (Koos Serierse)
4.....It come and goes (Koos Serierse)
5.....Room number 9 (Koos Serierse)
6.....Five minutes and more (Koos Serierse)
7.....For what (Koos Serierse)
8.....Before the neighbours entered (Koos Serierse)
9.....U.T.T.N. (Up to the North) (Koos Serierse)
10....I love music (Emil Boyd)

The picture on the right shows, Koos Serierse left, Marcel Serierse
centre, Hans Vroomans on the right. Three great players. For further information, you can also contact Koos at, Nieuw Loosdrechtsedijk 3-d, 1231 KL Loosdrecht, Holland. Telephone 00-31-(0)355824491.






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