Thomas Kennedy. This is one of Englands greatest double bass makers. And this instrument is a very fine example of this wonderful makers work. This particular instrument is a copy of a Giambattista Abbati, which is quite unusual as most of his basses were copies of Maggini and Testore. I have seen just one like this before, which leads me to believe that it was made to a specific customers wishes. The table is made from a very fine close grain pine and the back and ribs are very beautiful figured tiger maple. The scroll is a very fine example of the English craft. The machines are early Gallery Strings machines, though it would have had something like Bakers originally. The string length is 41 inches. As you can see the varnish is a very yellowish brown and in a beautiful original clean condition. The sound is a very fine orchestral/solo deep English warm timbre with a strong bottom. Fine for any style of playing. This is a World class instrument.

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