Paul Claudot

Paul Claudot son of the famous Augustin Claudot was born in Mirecourt, France in 1805, he worked there until he died in 1888. Fine made instruments, and as can been seen in the photograph on the left. This bass is made from very close grain pine for the table, and the back and ribs are very heavy flamed tiger maple. Though it is quite a biggish instrument it has a fine controlled sound, not typical of the nasal French sound. Violin cornered with a flat slightly shaped back. A very clean yellowish brown varnish. A very fine jazz instrument. This particular bass was owned by the famous Dutch jazz musician Koos Serierse. It is now in Australia, having been bought from Gallery Strings by the fine player David Seidel. This Paul Claudot double-bass is branded with the makers name on the top back button.

David Seidel

David Seidel is a bass player based in Sydney, Australia. He is mostly known as a jazz musician and works with some of Australia's best jazz musicians. He also does freelance studio work on jungles and the like. In addition he has produced many recordings over the last few years and runs his own record label called "La Brava Music" specializing in jazz and lounge music. His production style is based on a warm and natural acoustic aesthetic and the CD's and have been widespread and good press in the daily newspapers, specialist music and hi-fi magazines around the World.
Originally from South Australia David also plays electric bass and guitar and was for some years a tertiary level lecturer in jazz studies in Adelaide. He has worked with many leading artist in jazz and pop music, including Al Cohn, Buddy Tate, Lee Konitz, Mickey Tucker, Mundell Lowe, Del Shannon, Rod McKuen, Harry Secombe, Cilla Black, to name but a few. He has recorded with the "Adelaide Symphony Orchestra" and spent a year as regular bass player for Barry Humphries.
Presently works several nights a week at the bass in addition to recording and touring in Australia and overseas. His sister Janet is one of Australia's most successful jazz singers and they have collaborated on five CD's to date (currently working on the sixth).
Outside Australia "La Brava Music" is distributed in the UK (Jazz Music Manchester), USA (North Country Distributors), and Japan (Rhythm Man Co. Ltd.). Many top Australian artists are represented in the catalogue including Bob Barnard, Tom Baker, Janet Seidel, David McLeod, Cole Nolan etc.

Contact Address :- La Brava Music, P.O.Box 261, Kings Cross Australia 1340.

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