William Booth

This double bass is attributed to the Leeds maker William Booth. As you can see from the photograph it is a flat baked viol shaped bass with a dark oil based varnish. It is really very easy sounding and very comfortable to play being easier than it looks to get around. A beautiful carved scroll with great English character. 
William Booth started his working life as a hairdresser but came somehow to violin making. He worked in Leeds in the north of England from 1809 until 1856. In many ways his use of woods and varnish, plus his shaping looks very ordinary in a very extraordinary way. His basses were not what I would think of as solo basses, but very good orchestral sounding instruments. 

Koos Serierse

Koos Serierse lives in Loosedrect in Holland and is thought to be one of the great Jazz players in Europe. He works for many fine Jazz groups and orchestras all over Europe, and has worked for many of the great players of the World. Apart from playing, Koos is renowned as a fine teacher and many of his pupils have bought instruments from us over the last twenty years. Koos has one son named Marcel Serierse who is attributed as one of the great kit drummers in Holland and Europe. It is really nice to know that Koos and son work very well together and can be bought on CD's. One disc that they have worked on together is "We Love Music".....Koos Serierse bass, Marcel Serierse drums and Hans Vroomans Piano. This is a wonderful CD, with almost all the music being composed by Koos. Gallery Strings is proud to know and sold him instruments.


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