Antonio Maggini

Antonio Maggini, also known as Pietro Santo Maggini, was thought to have been related to the great master Paulo Maggini, but in later years was proved to have been an imposture whom made very good instruments in his own right but cashed in on the reputation of the aforesaid Paulo Maggini. He lived and worked in Brescia, Italy in c1650's. As you can see from the photograph it is a very fine looking instrument with violin corners and a flat backed curving in at the top. The wood used is very fine grained pine for the table and a heavy figured tiger maple on the back and ribs. The varnish is a golden brown and has a really good feel to it. The sound is quite exceptional, and whom ever Antonio Maggini really was, it is a great shame that he never made in his own right as he was truly a fine master of his craft.

Takehisa Aiba

Mr. Takehisa Aiba works and lives in Japan. He is the principal double-bass in the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. He is one of Japans great solo come orchestral players. Over the last fifteen years or so he has visited Gallery Strings on many occasions and bought several very fine basses. He has bought several really fine instruments for the orchestra including the above said Maggini, also a very interesting bass made by Richard Sprackley, who was the court maker for Queen Victoria. Also bought was a very fine bass attributed to the maker Carlo Giuseppe Testore. For himself he bought a Paul Bailly, which was made in the period when he worked and lived in London. Takehisa Aiba is a great musician with many fine instruments of his own.

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