These pages are being set up because of a request by many visitors to see more information about instruments and the players who have bought them from Gallery Strings. It will give a personal insight about the particular makers and the people that play their instruments. As time goes on, more and more will be added.
Look, read and enjoy.

A-Z of Customers:
Aiba, Takehisa (Maggini)
Aiba, Takehisa (Testore)
Baily, Pip
Cash, Bernie
Cash, Bernie
Danielsson, Lars (Bassot)
Danielsson, Lars (Davidson)
Danielsson, Lars (Gasparo da Salo)
Idehara, Shuji

Jansen, Peter

Newson, Gerald
O'Neil, Bernard
Pearson, Geoff

Seidel, David
Serierse, Koos (Booth)
Serierse, Koos

A-Z of Instruments:
Austrian (Unknown)

Barbe, Jacques
Bassot, Joseph
Booth, William
Calow, William

Caspani, Giovanni Pietro

Claudot, Paul
Claudot, School
Davidson, William

Fendt, Bernhard Simon (Gasparo)
Ferraroti, Luigi

Gagliano, Ferdinando
Gasparo da Salo
Gilkes, William
Hawks - Concert
Hawks, Professor
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, Thomas
Lamy, Alfred

Maggini, Antonio
Panormo, Vincenzo Trusiano
Sheppard, Godfrey
Tarr, William
Tecchler, David

Testore, Carlo Giuseppe
Vangelisti, Pier Lorenzo

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