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Machine Heads (Click To See Complete Range)

Visit our vast selection of fine Double Bass machine heads, made only for Gallery Strings.

End Pins

All End Pins are designed and made by Gallery Strings from the finest hard woods and brass. They come with a unique sprung pin positions device with retaining groove, corrosion free stainless steel pin with eight positions. An easily removable rubber end exposes a hardened cone point for the softer surfaces. Below is listed all the woods that are available with mail order number.

Japanese Bassist and the English Double-Bass

Mr. Takahisa Aiba, a well respected musician from the "Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra", came to England and bought many fine instruments from Gallery Strings. Gallery Strings believes that the concept of being able to supply an orchestra in this way, thus insuring a unity of tone, has resulted in an enhanced overall orchestral sound. The instruments in the photograph with Mr. Aiba is a fine example by Richard Sprackley, which has a charming story attached. Sprackley, a Londoner, gained such a reputation that he came court maker for Queen Victoria, and like most of her entourage followed the queen on many journeys around the country. It seems that Sprackley was "most favored", as he seems to have turned up frequently, including the occasion at Bourne House in Somerset when the queen was so dissatisfied with her bed that it was taken out to be burnt. After a quick scrutiny, Richard Sprackley insisted on saving the item of furniture, and from the fine wood he made the instrument being played by Mr. Aiba and is now owned by the "Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra". This whole story was related by Sprackley in his own hand and is inside the instrument. After it had been made it was presented to the Household Cavalry, which was then the queens special army. More than one hundred years later it came into the hands of Gallery Strings, to then find it's way to Japan.

We also sell bibs for Basses, bum bags for storing rosin etc., stands and anything you can imagine for the Double-Bass, we hope. Try our special discount for professional musicians. We will sell you all strings at hopefully the cheapest prices when buying sets. Though we will not be supplying gut strings, at least not at present. If you are interested in E-string extensions being fitted, we can arrange to fit either brass "Gallery Strings" extensions or "George Fawcett" extensions Or maybe you want to use plain fingered extensions ? We can arrange almost anything you want on your instrument. In fact all repairs are undertaken on Double-Basses. We are famous for being reasonably priced, good and quick. Try us, even if you live around the World you might find it quicker and cheaper to come to London to have your work done with "Gallery Strings"

Do you have a question that needs answering? Or, would you like to order our Accessories online?
Please contact us on:

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